Pewdiepie minecraft seed?

If you were ever wondering if there’s a seed that PewDiePie used for his world, it’s here: 609567216262790763 It actually is possible to determine a world’s seed just by looking at some screenshots, thanks to the power of modern graphics cards. Now you can too generated the exact same world PewDiePie was playing! Enjoy!

Minecraft crossplay?

So I’ve been playing Minecraft Java edition for a couple of years now and my daughter has got Minecraft on PlayStation 4, IPad and soon on the Switch. I feel like google is running me round in circles now. I’d like to create a Minecraft realm I can play alongside her and possibly invite her …

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Villager problems?

Ohai, so I found two zombie villagers and cured them. However, when I finally try to chose the trade of one of them, the trade prices of the another one went back to normal, no discount. Before, this same villager showed like a consistent discounts while I was trying to find an enchant, but when …

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