New month for Minecraft servers!

New month just started and as you know that’s when minecraft server lists would reset votes and voting would start all over again. I’ve been following closely and I’m kinda wondering which servers will end up on top of Minecraft server list this month. It’s only been three days so far but you can already get some kind of idea which servers have players and are pushing updates and which servers are dead because active minecraft servers should already have at least a few votes.

But it’s sometimes hard to tell because votes can be heavily affected by server resets, for example when server or minecraft network would reset specific game mode, most of players if not all would start voting right away as they get rewards for voting and they would then use vote rewards to get starting resources. So that’s a factor to consider too.

Another thing are youtubers as they can bring a lot of players to the server in no time, but in most of cases players would leave with them as they leave, however I did see some youtubers double player base of specific minecraft server.