Lithium, Kryptonite, Dioptase, and Chromite ores, tools and armor for minecraft

If you are looking for some new ores for our Minecraft world, this is the mod you are looking for. Get Chromite, Dioptase, Kryptonite, And Lithium as new ores and make every kind of armors and tools with them. The mod adds 4 ores to the game. Go ahead and make best use of these ores for a great mining experience.


• Kryptonite is superior to diamond, and spawns in veins of 3 at levels 15-0
• Features
• Dioptase is superior to iron, spawns on veins of 6 in levels 35-0
• Chromite is not as good as Dioptase but a lot enhanced than iron. It spawn in veins of 7 in levels 40-0 in veins of 7.
• lithium-inferior than iron but superior than leather and will spawn at every level in veins of 9
• Marble:deverylevel in veins of 12..decoration block.

Installation Steps

The steps to install the mod are easy and simple to follow. Remember to not to forget modloader

1. First you need to download WinRar or 7-zip
2. Download the file
3. Download 1.4.4ModLoader
4. Go to start menu and type in %appdata%
5. Click roaming and then click minecraft
6. Click bin now
7. Open up minecraft.jar with WinRar
8. Drag all files from modloader into .jar
9. Drag files from this mod into .jar
10. Start minecraft and enjoy